This simple device can be used on nearly any type of breach as the technology behine it utilises the higher external pressure to form a seal. The deeper the vessel, the harder it works to seal the hole, without the need for other methods of secring it in place.

As seen on Dragon’s Den – a perfect christmas / fathers day present



Seabung’s revolutionary design allows the maintenance and changing of seacocks whilst afloat, allowing you to keep your water inlets and outlets safe at all times without the hassle of a lift-out. Seabung is made of a flexible, elastomeric Polyurethane outer with a stiff, tough ABS core, and is supplied as a pack of 2 bungs which consists of a smaller for holes sized 19mm-32mm (3/4″- 1,1/4″) and a larger for holes sized 25mm-63mm (1″-2″).